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 Saknungan Festival

Incorporating the exhibition of the cultural heritage of Mindoro’s ethnic communities is the Saknungan Festival, held every fourth week of April in San Jose, Mindoro Occidental. The festival commences with the annual celebration of the blessings of the province.

Saknungan, a Mangyan word is literally meant bayanihan, the spirit of cooperation and unity at work, which is practiced by the people of Mindoro in their everyday activities, especially during the planting and harvesting season of the palay, the major agricultural product of Occidental Mindoro.Other agricultural product of Mindoro include coconut, corn, tobacco, garlic, mango, banana, and peanut as well as logging, cattle and poultry raising, and fishing. The elusive tamaraws which cannot be found elsewhere but in the highlands of Mindoro, which makes Mindoro unique. Highlights of this three-day festivity is the street dance and a parade. Instored activities include agro-industrial and techno trade fair, drum and bugle parade and contest, bikathon, Juego de Anillo, cultural dance competition, palo sebo, hulihan ng baboy, cultural presentation, and the awards and fellowship night.

The Famous Occidental Mindoro Nicknamed the Marine Wonderland, Occidental Mindoro is abundant in marine beauty, its virgin forests, beautiful beaches of white sand, islands endowed of rich marine life, coral gardens, mysterious caves, and waterfalls. A visit to Occidental Mindoro is a ticket to an unforgettable experience. Apo Reef National Park is one of the dive sites most divers of Occidental Mindoro visit mostly. The reef has a narrow channel that divides two lagoon systems. Visible underneath are the clean waters, fine white sand, and numerous corals.Apo Reef Marine Park includes fascinating islands of bird-populated Binangaan and Caios del Bajo, which gives birdwatchers an irresistable view of variety of wild birds.

  The Centurion Festival of Pinamalayan

The Centurion Festival of Pinamalayan is a traditional celebration that traces its roots from the Bible. The Centurion Festival has evolved into a festivity that’s uniquely Pinamalayan— colorful, fun and tourist-centric. The young and old will surely not hesitate to have their pictures taken with these friendly Praetorians garbed in rainbow hues. The Centurion Festival lasts the entire Holy Week (April 06-12,2009). Part of this festival is the Senakulo, a Lenten presentation that follows the last days of Christ. It features municipal government employees and officials in starring roles. Realistic backdrops, detailed costumes and superb lighting give a biblical texture to this stage presentation, transporting viewers to the scriptural era.

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